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Publications Outside Physics

I have also published some articles outside theoretical physics.

Here is a scholarly article (NEW LITERARY HIST 32 (1): 201-216 WIN 2001) in New Literary History, a heavily academic journal read by English professors and others. In the issue containing my invited article
"On Fat Deposits around the Mammary Glands in the Females of Homo Sapiens"
there are articles with such fascinating titles as "Modernity, Postmodernity, and the Future Perfect," "God, the Universe, Art, and Communism," ""Les Moi en Moi": The Proustian Self in Philosophical Perspective," and "Dante in Paradise: The End of Allegorical Interpretation."

I was inspired by the following exchange between Zoe and Bloom in James Joyce's Ulysses:
Zoe: . . . Come and I will peel off.
Bloom: (Feeling his occiput dubiously with the unparalleled embarrassment of a harassed pedlar gauging the symmetry of her peeled pears.) Somebody will be dreadfully jealous if she knew.

I wrote: "Perhaps Joyce knew something way ahead of his time. Gauging symmetries would turn out to be one of the favorite activities of theoretical physicists starting in the late 1960s." I described in considerable detail how fundamental physics is now known to be dictated by gauge symmetry in my book Fearful Symmetry: the Search for Beauty in Modern Physics. The notion of gauge symmetry turned out to be the magic "open sesame" that has allowed physicists a glimpse of Mother Nature's secrets at the most fundamental level.

For years after quoting this Joycean passage in Fearful Symmetry, I have pondered over the deep meaning behind it. Surely the ability of a human being to "gauge the symmetry of her peeled pears" is of far more import than his or her ability to gauge the symmetry of a nonabelian field theory. Indeed, from the point of view of evolutionary biology, the former led to the latter by a long and torturous chain of events. It is our finely tuned ability to gauge the reproductive value of each other that produced over the evolutionary time scale a species capable of gauging the symmetry of Mother Nature herself.

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