Swallowing Clouds

Swallowing Clouds

A letter from the best selling Chinese author of all time, Mr. Jing Yong

three paperback editions

  • "Charming ... a study of the very nature of Chinese culture."--Anne Tyler, author of An Accidental Tourist and numerous other novels, Washington Post Book World. 
  • "Reading Swallowing Clouds is like sitting down to a richly orchestrated Chinese feast."--John Espey, Professor of English, UCLA 
  • "I find Swallowing Clouds a fascinating book --- the writing is entertaining and absorbing. I will never look at a menu again without thinking about the many informative stories that Mr. Zee tells"--K. C. Chang, Professor of Anthropology, Harvard University and author and editor of Food in Chinese Culture. 
  • "A charming and delightful book --- I am glad to see an accurate book about Chinese food coming out."--E. N. Anderson, Professor of Anthropology, UC Riverside and author of The Food of China. 
  • "Swallowing Clouds is one of the most interesting books I have ever read on Chinese food, culture, and language. I love the clever way in which A. Zee has meshed a highly informative text with a particularly wonderful touch of wit that makes reading his book such a pleasure."--Ken Hom, author of The Taste of China. 
  • "What a delightful and happy book! A deft weave of Chinese poetry, history, and culinary culture, Mr. Zee's charming work is like a bowl of sugared walnuts. One is inspired to enjoy it out loud, with a glass of wine and a winsome friend, savoring each wonderful tidbit."--Barbara Tropp, chef and owner of China Moon Cafe and the author of The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking. 
  • "Swallowing Clouds is delightful. A. Zee is a unique and entertaining writer."--Nina Simonds, author of Classic Chinese Cuisine and Chinese Seasons. 

The book designer won an award.

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